Summer Beauty Hair And Skin Tips

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Summer can be quite a love-hate relationship. We love the fun summer brings but hate the humid, hot, frizzy effect it leaves on our hair. It also can make our faces feel like they are melting off.

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But what if you didn’t have to live that way?

With the right summer beauty tips for your hair and skin, you, too, can have that dewy glow minus the grease. Let’s check it out.

Hair Tips For The Heat

The most common problem in the summer is that our hair gets a little frizzy. Then after a little too much product, it gets greasy and weighed down. How can we find the happy medium?

Oil For Hydration

When our hair feels dry, our instinct is to lather it up with a product. But using the wrong products can sometimes turn into a greasy build-up on the top. Hydrating and nourishing our hair from the inside out is the best way to calm the frizz.

Using a hair oil that has strong humectant properties will help lock in moisture. Honey is a humectant that proves to have both humectant and antioxidant properties that help strengthen the hair.

Lose the Heat

Summer is the perfect time to let your hair air dry. In the winter, we may not be able to afford to run out into the cold. Air drying prevents two things.

  1. We don’t have to use extreme heat on the hair, which leads to breakage and moisture loss.
  2. We don’t have to use heavy heat protectants that can cause build-up on our scalp and weigh our hair down. This can also prevent healthy hair growth and you can enjoy cute hairstyles for long hair.

Deep Conditioning Year Round

The sun and heat can cause moisture loss. While we think of dry skin in the winter, it’s just as possible to have dry hair in the summer. A good quality deep conditioning mask can work with different benefits. One of the biggest ones is that it will prevent you from overwashing your hair.

Soft Hair Ties

A good up-do is the best way to deal with a sweaty neck and damp hair sticking to it. But putting our hair up too much can cause breakage and stress to our hair follicles. Using the right scrunchie or elastic can make a major difference in hair growth.

Opt for hair do’s that are loose and don’t pull our hair back too tightly. Loose braids are also a good alternative that helps keep our hair out of the way without adding too much stress.

Skin Tips To Keep It Cool

Our skin in the summer often feels sticky, and wearing make-up can sometimes feel  heavier. That’s why keeping a good skin routine can be a lifesaver.

SPF Is a Must

Whether you are applying a direct SPF for your face or a tinted moisturizing SPF, it’s important to protect yourself. Harmful UVs age our skin dramatically. Swapping out a heavy base for a tinted SPF can reap double benefits. It allows your skin to breathe while being a defense barrier.

Give Your Lips Some Love

The heat and the sun can cause your lips to burn and crack. In fact, they are the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the skin on our faces. There are multiple treatments that you should be using if you want plush, healthy lips.

  • Overnight lip masks are great for deep hydration. They are particularly good when needing to restore nourishment after a day in the sun.
  • What is lip oil ? Lip oils penetrate the barrier better than chapstick or lip balms. Using a solid lip oil that has humectants and antioxidants will renew the skin and grip moisture from the inside out.

By combining or alternating the two, your lips will feel plush and soft. Best of all, they won’t feel sticky like some chapsticks or balms make you feel.

Keep Up With Exfoliation

Even if you go lighter on the makeup, sunscreen is thick and can cause build-up on the skin. In the summer, our pores also can enlarge, leaving more room for sweat and debris to clog up. Exfoliating can prevent breakouts and free your skin of debris.

Don’t Overwash

When we feel sweaty and sticky, it’s natural to want to wash and cleanse our skin a lot. But this is where we can get in trouble. A gentle cleanser should be used in combination with an exfoliator. When you don’t wear as much make-up in the summer, you can wash your face less. Sometimes a splash of water is all you need to start the day. Monitoring your skin and what it needs at the moment is the most important part.

Set Up a Hydration Station

Drinking water is imperative year round but especially in the summer heat. Having water handy at all times can do wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. It’s equally as important to understand what we are drinking that is dehydrating.

Coffee and different types of caffeine can dehydrate us, as well as alcohol. Making sure to replenish fluids and electrolytes is crucial to avoid dry, hoarse hair and scratchy skin.

Finding a Routine That Works For You

There are many different ways to approach beauty routines. Everyone has uniquely beautiful skin and hair. That’s why tending to your needs is important. Exfoliating as much as you need may be different than your best friend. But common themes such as staying hydrating, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen, and so on are true for everyone.

It’s equally as important to incorporate these habits as it is to use good products. The wrong products won’t be able to deliver the results you want. That is because they will be lacking the necessary powerhouse ingredients that help restore your skin and hair. Worse, they may have ingredients that cause more harm than good. A good product and a good routine will go a long way for your summer skin and hair routine.


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