Submission Guides

If this is the first time that you submit a listing on the Top spa website, let’s follow our instructions below step by step to get a clear overview of how to submit a listing.

 Step 1: Get access to and use the account that we provided you to sign in. If you do not have an account, let contact us to get it.

Step 2: A new window of your listing details will appear. 

Depending on the category of beauty care and the region that we gave you, you need to search all information related to each location that you are going to post including name, address, website, phone number, photos, and so on.

Step 3Fill in the listing detail.

Information :

  • Name of Salon Spa is the name of the beauty center/salon/spa you are going to post.
  • Introduction is a paragraph of 7-8 sentences about that location. You can include types of provided services, prices for each service as well as the architecture of this location, and so on.


  • Cover image should be the most beautiful picture that you get from that location including its name. It can be its avatar from fan page or the cover image from its website.
  • Gallery images are a set of 3-6 images from that beauty care location and then upload it into the image section.

Contact information: 

  • Fill contact information in the corresponding section. You can get this information easily from Google.

Social network:

  • Click on the “Add” button, then choose a kind of social network and enter URL.



  • Address: Enter the address of that beauty care location. Our website will suggest a location on the map, just click on the correct address suggested to get an exact direction to that location. 
  • Region: The first line is the name of the country, the second one is the state and the last one is the name of the city. Let’s choose 3 sections so that they can be the same as the address you fill out above.

Categories & Tags: Just select relevant categories such as hair salon spas, nail salon spas, etc. In term of support tags, choose suitable tags and then Verify “I am not a robot”.

Step 4: You can preview your listing before submitting by clicking on the “Preview” button or click on “Skip preview and submit”. After submitting, you must wait for us to approve your listing. When we approved your post, you can see it on our website and edit at anytime that you want.


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