Hello guys, we would like to invite you to join a job related to Google map suggestion. It’s a simple job that you can do anytime and anywhere you want, all you need to have is a smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC connected to the Internet and a high-level and trusted Google account so that your contribution can be approved more easily. Let us show you more detailed information about this job.


  • You need to have:

+ A smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC connected to the Internet.

+ A high-level and trusted Google account.

  • Since we need to get more and more approved suggested links on Google, it’s a good idea for you to spend time suggesting our links on Google and at least 50 approved links per month.

Detailed Description & Guide

We would like to add the business information links from our website ( to Google Local. For instance, when you search: Athena Nails 33409 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, Michigan 48335, United States on Google and click on the website button (like the image below), this will navigate to our website:

So, we need you who have a high-level and trusted Google account to implement this task because your link suggestion will be approved more easily and quickly.

How to do?

If you are interested in this job and you have free time to do that, we would like to show you the detailed guide right now.

First of all, we will provide with you the list of businesses on Google Local that are missing the website links, using temporary social links instead of official website links, or using temporary subdomain links.

Let’s take a look at 3 situations in which you can replace the current link on Google Local with top-spa links:

  • The business doesn’t have an official website link. We can suggest the business information link from

  • The business is using a social link instead of an official website link. We can replace it with the business information link from

  • The business is using a link that isn’t an official website link. So, we can also replace it with the business information link from

After you receive a list of businesses on Google Local, simply search for each business name + address on Google. In order to suggest the business information links from, you just need to click on “Suggest an edit”.



Next, choose the first option “Change name or other details


Scroll down to find the Contact option, there will be a website box where you can add the business information website link from The link for each business will be included in the list we provide you before.



Finally, you just wait for the email from Google, if your link suggestion is approved, please note it so that we can check and pay for you. In case the link is not approved, let’s continue with the other business link.

Salary & Bonus

  • $1 for one approved edit.
  • If you get 100 approved edits or more per month, we will give you an extra 20% of the total approved edits for the month. For example, if you succeed in 100 approved edits, you will receive $100 and $20 bonus (total: $120).
  • The salary can be changed if we have a long-term cooperation.
  • Payment gateways & methods:

+ We will pay for you on the first day of each month.

+ Gateways: Paypal, Payoneer, crypto (USDT), and other ways.

We will be happy if we become partners. If you love this job and want to try it, please fill the form below, we will respond you asap within 24 hours.


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